Barber Furniture

Barber Furniture

Luxury Barber Salon furniture manufacturing takes its place of pride in India, as you can easily get a list of Barber furniture manufacturers doing the same thing. However, when it comes to deciding your furniture collections, experience on the manufacturer’s side is something you cannot allow to slide off the tables. Purewood has been in Luxury Barber Salon furniture manufacturing business for the past 25 years, and this counts when experience is the biggest take home on the table. We have established trust in the market, with the quality products we churn out and the exquisite customer service. When excellence and quality service delivery are the things you look for in your furniture manufacturer, then Purewood will be the choice manufacturer for your cane and rattan furniture. We have expanded beyond the Indian market, with Europe and North America. Our excellent reach and technical know-how of the furniture market makes us the first choice market for seasoned furniture that lasts the test of time. Our artists are selected the same way we select our products, and when it comes to customization, we offer the best furniture according to your description.

Luxury Barber Salon Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Barber furniture based on the furniture from the early years of the 19th century. Classic sandblasted oak wood varnished with a natural, antique or wenge finish and brown or white marble top. The Classic Line contains Barbersets, Counters, and (display) Cabinets. Discover our Classic Line. Let the old times revive with this old school barber furniture. Beautiful mango wood with a vintage brown finish and a characteristic white marble elevation piece on top. The Vintage Line contains Barbersets and Counters. The Vintage Line contains Barbersets, Counters and (display) Cabinets. Discover our Vintage line nspired by the barberchairs of early last century. Steel frames with rich leather seatings. Characteristic design with colourfull leather. A well balanced addition to your barbershop. Not just a tool but a proudly made piece of furniture that make your customers feel most comfortable. Discover our Barberchairs


 Barber Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in India

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