Falcon Wooden Chair

Introducing the Falcon chair, a sophisticated addition to any room. Crafted from walnut veneer, its sleek design exudes elegance. The warm tones of the walnut veneer complement its modern lines, while the curved backrest ensures comfort. Versatile and stylish, the Falcon chair elevates any living or office space effortlessly.


Product Code :- PWCC06
Material :- Wood, Leather
Finish :- Walnut
Dimensions (Inch) :- 24.5 x 22.5 x 33.4
Dimensions (Cm) :- 63 x 58 x 85
Product Weight :- 10.2kg
Product Cubic Meter :- ……


The Falcon chair exudes sophistication, crafted from durable walnut veneer. Its warm tones harmonize with sleek, modern lines, making a bold statement. The curved backrest and armrests provide comfort, while tapered legs impart a contemporary touch. Versatile for any room, the Falcon chair seamlessly blends style and functionality.