Frigatebird Hotel Bed

The Frigatebird Hotel Bed provides a cozy haven for travelers with its inviting accommodations and warm ambiance. Featuring comfortable bedding and thoughtful amenities, guests can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Conveniently located near attractions, this hotel offers both relaxation and accessibility for a memorable stay.


Product Code :- PWHB02
Material :- Wood
Finish :- Natural Wood
Dimensions (Inch) :- 64 x 82 x 40
Dimensions (Cm) :- 162 x 208 x 102
Product Weight :-
Product Cubic Meter :- ..


The Frigatebird Hotel Bed provides a haven of comfort and style, featuring deluxe mattresses and premium linens. Situated in a picturesque location, guests can enjoy scenic views and convenient access to local attractions. With impeccable service and elegant surroundings, the Frigatebird Hotel Bed promises an unforgettable stay for travelers seeking refinement and relaxation.