Hibiscus Marble Dining Table

Elevate your dining area with the Hibiscus Marble Dining Table. This elegant piece features a captivating marble top that adds a touch of luxury to any space. The sleek design and quality craftsmanship make it a stylish and sophisticated centerpiece, transforming your dining experience with a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.


Product Code :- PWRT15
Material :- Marble, Metal
Finish :- Natural, Golden
Dimensions (Inch) :- 29 x 33 x 51
Dimensions (Cm) :- 74 x 85 x 130
Product Weight :- ..kg
Product Cubic Meter :- ..


Revitalize your dining space with the Hibiscus Marble Dining Table. Its captivating marble top brings an aura of luxury, creating a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. Crafted with precision and showcasing a sleek design, this table serves as a stunning centerpiece that seamlessly marries beauty and functionality. Elevate your dining experience with this elegant addition, where the exquisite aesthetics of the hibiscus marble meet quality craftsmanship for a dining setting that exudes timeless charm and modern allure.