Marigold Velvet Lounge Sofa Aged Mustard

Infuse your space with Mid-century modern elegance using the Marigold Velvet Lounge Sofa in Aged Mustard. This 3-1-1 suite, with its rich, bold color and vintage velvety texture, becomes an ideal modern living room set. Sink into plush cushioning, put your feet up, and relish the soft embrace of velvet heaven—you’ll find it hard to leave. Elevate your living experience with this inspiring sofa, where style meets comfort seamlessly, creating a cozy and chic atmosphere in your home.


Product Code :- PWRS05
Material :- Iron, Velvet
Finish :- ..
Dimensions (Inch) :- 78 x 34 x 30
Dimensions (Cm) :- 198 x 86 x 76
Product Weight :-
Product Cubic Meter :- ..