Utrecht Metal Square Back Booth

Elevate your dining space with the Utrecht Metal Square Back Booth, featuring a premium wood grain finish for a touch of sophistication. This stylish booth seamlessly blends metal durability with wood’s timeless appeal, creating a modern yet warm atmosphere. Perfect for patrons seeking both comfort and elevated design in their dining experience.


Product Code :- PWRB07
Material :- Wood, Leather
Finish :- Natural
Dimensions (Inch) :- 48 x 42
Dimensions (Cm) :- 121 x 106
Product Weight :- ..kg
Product Cubic Meter :- ..


Discover the allure of the Utrecht Metal Square Back Booth, adorned with a premium wood grain finish, seamlessly combining modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. This stylish booth appeals to patrons seeking both durability and sophisticated design in their dining experience. Elevate your space with the Utrecht booth, where the fusion of metal strength and wood’s warmth creates a captivating atmosphere, providing a comfortable and visually appealing setting for memorable dining moments in your establishment.